How to Scroll up and down on MacBook air


A macbook laptop is efficient for work and home use. Its lightweight makes it easily portable and its sleek body compliments this feature. It comes in very attractive colors that is gold and silver. The firm easy to type keyboard makes it an ideal business laptop for any professional, not to mention the;

  • New M1 chip processor that has entirely changed the Macbook air experience and taken it to the next level. The M1 chip supports up to 8 cores making it 3.5 times faster than previous Macbook processors. This has also enhanced the graphics performance to 5x more.
  • The Macbook air battery life is one easy to rely on. We all have had that battery low experience when about to do a life changing presentation. With this ios laptop, you do not have to worry about power the new model M1 chip Macbook air laptop gives you a battery life of 18 hours. Imagine how much you can do with this?
  • In this normal virtual meeting life, you need a clear high definition camera. This ios laptop gives exactly that. The high quality M1 chip camera helps you look at your best on every virtual meeting or facetime call. This means you do not need to shop an external webcam or mic since the camera is compensated by high quality mics that pick your voice at its best.

However, there are a few hacks to using the Apple Macbook air laptop to enjoy efficiency, especially for new Apple ios users. Scrolling through can be difficult when you do not have the Apple Magic mouse. Do not worry just follow the below prompts to be able to scrool through the Apple Macbook air more efficiently;

  1. Press the control key
  2. Click the trackpad
  3. Using two fingers scroll on the trackpad

Its that’s simple, keep checking our website here, for more Apple MacBook air hacks and latest models.

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