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Keyboards and mice are computer input devices that assist a user to input and navigate the computer laptop. At Buytec online shop, we sell affordable keyboards and mice for your use. We pride ourselves to give our clients quality and durable keyboards. Buy Keyboards & Mice where they are categorized into wireless keyboard and mice, Bluetooth keyboard and mice and wired keyboard and mice.

Keyboards and mice are further categorized in terms of the connectivity they have. At Buytec online shop we have quality usb receiver mice and keyboard. These are keyboards that connect to the computers or server using a usb port. We also have Bluetooth keyboards and mouse that have Bluetooth connectivity features making them ideal when one has minimal usb ports. There are also keyboards and mice that have both usb receiver and Bluetooth connectivity giving the user a choice on what to use. Finally, we have the corded mic that use a usb cable to connect to the computer pc or any other device. It is important to note that all the keyboard and mice are plug and play making it very easy to use even for common users who do not have a technical background.

Buy Online Logitech Gaming Mice, Webcams at Best Prices in Kenya

At Buytec online shop all our keyboard and mice are compatible with all platforms like the windows operating systems, they are also perfect for use with Mac. However, Mac os is also abit specific therefore it is always important to confirm the keyboard and mice connectivity before purchase. You can also use the keyboard and mice with linux software, chrome software and surface software. Always know the operating system of a device befor e deciding on the software to use.

While making a keyboard choice it also advisable to consider the kind of typing feeling you desire. At Buytec online shop we have both laptop-like keys and the deep profile keys. These keyboards are both qwerty keyboard the only difference is the feeling that one has as they use the keyboard. The laptop like keyed keyboard are a little spaced compared to the deep-profile keyboards.

The keyboard layout and size is another important feature while choosing a keyboard. This is very important especially for accounts who may need a full size keyboard with a numpad. Buytec online shop has full size with numpad keyboards, compact with number pad keyboards and minimalist layout keyboards.

For the choice of mice you can consider the size and fit of the mouse based on the use. We have all fits for your choice that is the portable mice that are light though not so comfortable for use. We also have a full support mouse that may have more than two buttons and the ambidextrous mice which means that both or rather all buttons have the same working capability.

Wired Keyboards and Wired Mice for sale in Kenya

Wired keyboard and mice means they use a usb cable to connect to the device. At Buytec online shop, we sell various brands for the wired keyboards and mice like Logitech mouse, Hp mouse, lenovo and Dell mouse. The best seller wired mice include the Logitech M90 mouse, Logitech, m100 mouse, Logitech M110s mouse, Logitech M105 mouse. For the Hp wired mouse we have the The Hp USB M10 mouse, Hp usb X900 mouse, Hp 3-button USB laser mouse. For dell we have the Dell USB oem and the Dell usb mouse with track ball. For Lenovo mice we have Lenovo USB mouse, Lenovo essential USB mouse, Lenovo usb fingerprint mouse and the Lenovo Thinkpad travel mouse.

Wireless Keyboards and Mice for sale in Kenya

These are keyboards and mice that connect to the laptop computers or the other devices using a wireless dongle. At Buytec online shop we specialize in Logitech wireless keyboard and mice, Hp wireless mouse, Lenovo wireless keyboard and mice and dell wireless keyboard and mice. The particular models include the Logitech mk220 combo, Logitech mk330, Logitech mk235 combo, Logitech wireless mk270, Logitech wireless MK330, Logitech Mk540 and the Logitech MK710. To get more insight on our keyboard click Here.

Bluetooth Keyboards and mice for sale in Nairobi Kenya

These are computer and mice, that use Bluetooth connectivity to connect with the devices. You can get a wide variety at Buytec Online Shop. Our online catalog is not exhaustive, feel free to contact us in case of any queries.

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