Backup UPS

Is your company looking for a new battery backup UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to ensure its systems keep running? If you value the data and information on your computer, the use of a battery backup  is essential. Power failures happen for a number of reasons, and only an uninterruptible power supply ensures that you have time to back up your work and mission-critical data. Not only will the right battery backup UPS protect your data; it will allow you to continue working for a specified period of time. We offer a complete line of high-capacity systems from single-office units to UPS batteries for enterprise-level data centers.

It is a simple reality that no computer installation is complete without full planning for power interruptions and failures. Current systems provide a range of capabilities. Surge suppression is standard on most products. The battery backup UPS you select from brands such as APC, Cyberpower, Eaton, and Tripp Lite carry capacities of 120V to 1500VA and 450 watts to 980 watts. Full battery backup and extended time with UPS batteries provide the protection you want and need in any uninterruptible power supply.

We have straightforward solutions that serve any small office environment to provide full UPS backup. With standard surge protection, the uninterruptible power supply gives an added layer of protection to sensitive data processing components. We stock a full-range of UPS batteries to ensure that you are always ready. For enterprise-level and data-center applications, we have systems to configure any topology, input and output voltage, capacity, or battery configuration. Our systems are standalone, rackmount, or tower. For any of your battery backup UPS needs, we can meet your specifications.

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