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Ex UK and refurbished laptops for sale in Nairobi Kenya 

Buytec online shop is the leading refurbished and Ex UK online shop in Nairobi. It is the online shopping site that gives you an easy and fast choice for your refurbished or Ex UK laptop. The main difference between ex-uk laptops and refurbished laptops is the fact that refurbished laptops are brand certified for resale into the market while ex-uk are used as brand new then sold in the market as second hand laptops for sale to users. Buytec online shop offers this purchase choice to customers as a way of enabling them buy high specs laptops at a cheaper budget. The refurbished laptops sold here are covered by warranty that varies from brand to model and the generation of the laptop.

Benefits of purchasing ex-uk and refurbishment laptops for sale.


The refurbished and ex-uk laptops are relatively cheaper compared to brand new laptops. It is possible for you as a buyer to get high specs for these laptops compared to the laptop you would get for a brand new laptop. For instance, the at budget of 30000 you would get a core i5 ex-uk laptop while for the same budget you would get a Celeron brand new laptop. Such a laptop would be ideal in a scenario where you want a laptop for use not only for entry level work but also for commercial use. You can be well assured that at Buytec online shop you will get the value for your money.

For the budget of a refurbished laptop, it is also cheaper than a brand new laptop. For this you mostly get the high end laptops that have been certified for resale to the market. For instance, the price of a new spectra core i7 would be double the price of a refurbished laptop. Therefore, at a lower budget to get to enjoy the high specifications and speed since the refurbished laptops are as good as new and come mostly in black packaging.


When you buy ex-uk and refurbished laptops at Buytec online shop, you still get to enjoy the warranty of the laptop that ranges from six months to one year. Buytec online shop is also offers quality refurbished since making our customers happy our number one priority.

Touch and Feel

Unlike the new laptops the refurbished and ex-uk laptops for sale at Buytec Nairobi Kenya are available for Touch and feel by the customer before purchase. This gives you a chance to detect any issue and also check the speed of the laptop before you commit to buying it. For most new laptops you are not allowed to break the seal before you have paid for it.

Shop your refurbished laptops at Buytec online shop and enjoy best prices and quality service.


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How to choose an Ex UK laptop

Based on your brand preference as a laptop user, Buytec online shop offers you the best shopping experience by guiding you on what to look out for. For the best price you wish you can still enjoy the desired quality laptop you want by critically choosing the specific features that determine the functionality of any computer PC.  One of these features is the computer PC ram, at least always ensure that the ex-uk laptop you are buying has at least 4gb ram as minimum. The ram determines how fast the laptop processes things. The generation of the ex-uk laptops is also another indicator of how fast the laptop can process your data. One The processor of the laptop is also a good indicator of the speed which will be guided by both the purpose of the laptop and the budget you have. However, at Buytec online shop you least of worries will be the budget since we offer affordable refurbished laptops for sale. We make sure that we have the best prices for ex-uk laptops to ensure our customers feel well taken care of.

Shop your refurbished laptops from the online laptop dealer shop offering the most affordable laptops for sale. Buytec online shop is the online shopping site that guides you on how to choose the best refurbished laptop on own. We are based in Nairobi Kenya.

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