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It is absolutely important for us to keep safe during these times. Therefore, in order to avoid in-house physical meetings, we are here to continually offer you quality and comprehensive online meeting solutions from zoom accounts, webcams, conference cams, headsets, adapters, and computer accessories that help you reach your audience for all your webinars.

Plantronics headsets

We have quality, comfortable black wire headsets that are easily configured for your use. Plantronics headsets are noise cancellation headsets that are compatible with USB type A and USB type C. They are also budget-friendly and are wired making them very easy to use. For your virtual meetings, it’s always recommended that you use comfortable headsets to avoid ear irritation. The Plantronics are ideal for use in;

  • Conference call
  • Webinars
  • Music
  • Multimedia applicatins

Hearing Protection of the Plantronics is the;

  • Acoustic limiting for protection against sounds above the 118Dba

The Plantronics headsets 3200 series has an enabled remote control to ease your use to;

  • Answer calls
  • End Calls
  • Hold calls
  • Redial Calls
  • Volume +/-
  • Ignore calls

Plantronics has the below models;

Models Plantronics blackwire C3210 USB

(Monaural); C3210 USB-C (Monaural); C3215 USB (Monaural with 3.5 mm); C3215 USB-C (Monaural with 3.5 mm); C3220
USB (Stereo);

Plantronics blackwire C3220 USB-C (Stereo) Shop here. @8499

Plantronics Blackwire C3225 USB (Stereo with 3.5 mm) Shop here @ 10499
C3225 USB-C (Stereo with 3.5 mm): Built for UC applications and
softphones from Avaya®, Cisco®, Microsoft® and more*. Certified for
Skype for Busines.

At Buytec online shop, we have the best prices for virtual meeting solutions and a well-informed team to help choose the best solution that meets your needs fully. We customize solutions based on your desired results and work with your budget to ensure you enjoy quality at all costs. Shop your Plantronics products from the leading headsets shop in Nairobi Kenya. We also deliver across Kenya within 24hrs.

To learn more about Plantronics solutions click here.

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