Where to buy Jabra Plantronics Logitech Wired and Wireless Headsets in Nairobi Kenya

How many of you got up this morning and pondered the question of the many benefits of having a Plantronics, Jabra, Logitech wireless headset in Kenya?

The truth is, nobody spends their waking hours nor precious brainpower to answer this mind bending question. 

That is. . . unless you’re in the market for one. If this is where you find yourself, then knowing how a Plantronics wireless headset is beneficial to you and your job or team, could be helpful. 

Whether you get a Plantronics, Jabra, Logitech wired headset or a wireless model, you can expect to realize a lot of benefits over using a traditional telephone handset receiver.

If you’re upgrading your office headsets from wired models to one of the available wireless headsets, the benefits kick up a notch. 

First, let’s explore the key benefits and advantages of using a wired office headset when compared to using, holding and cradling a telephone handset receiver. 

Multi-tasking. In the office workplace today, the need to use a computer is a given. You do research, you do video conferencing calls, and you access hundreds of applications including Softphone applications used for making your important business calls. 

One of the key drivers, and main benefits of using a headset, in this case, a wired office headset, is you no longer needed to cradle the telephone handset on the shoulder while talking on the phone.

Business phone calls and computer use are both daily tasks, and when you perform both at the same time, that’s when the cradling begins.

An office headset eliminates the need to cradle the telephone handset receiver. Both hands are freed up allowing you to take notes, use your computer keyboard and more.

A good quality office headset will allow you to multitask while helping you to avoid on the- job injury leading to better health. 

Sound Quality. When on important business calls, you want to make sure you sound great at all times.

After all, if you’re hard to hear or the call has static for example, your customers can get frustrated. And, as we all know, customers are hard to get and keeping them long term is an ongoing challenge. Having a great sounding phone conversation is a good starting point. 

When you use a telephone handset, you’re honestly at a disadvantage. The telephone receiver doesn’t have the ability to reduce unwanted background noise.

Jabra Logitech Plantronics Headsets in Kenya
Various models of plantronics headsets available in kenya.

Plantronics Jabra Logitec HEADSETs in Nairobi Kenya BENEFIT #1

A good quality office headset will allow you to raise or lower the volume of your voice to your callers. This is an advantage over using a telephone handset which does not have this capability. If your callers need more or less volume so you can be heard clearly, you have the ability to accommodate them. Advantage office headset! 


Let’s shift gears and take a walk down the path of Jabra Logitec Plantronics wireless headsets and others. This segment will explore wireless headset benefits that extend beyond those enjoyed by traditional office wired headsets. 

For the love of God, cut the cord 

Wired headsets have been around for decades. The single biggest improvement that was made to wired headsets was to spin off a whole new line of products that ditched the cord. This ushered in the era of the now supremely popular office wireless headset. 

What’s the matter with a cord you ask? 

They get in the way. Anyone who’s used a wired headset in an office environment, knows that the cord has a tendency to get hung up on things. For example, when you close your desk drawer, guess what? Your headset cord found its way into your drawer and it got closed on it. 

You can also likely relate to the headset cord getting hung up on your office chair base. Then, when you roll around in your chair, the headset flies off your head.

Maybe you experienced the wired headset cord getting wrapped around the arm of your chair. This too can cause the headset to go airborne unexpectedly. And, if you’re on a live phone call, that can make for an awkward moment. 

Aside from the interruptions to your phone calls, sudden surprises and airborne projectiles, your wired headset can get damaged in the process. Most notably, you can experience fractures in the cord which is one of the leading causes of poor sound quality in a wired headset.

You see, the main cable that goes from the headset top to the connector at the cable end, actually contains a few individual cables inside of it. The diameter of each of these cables is really small which makes them susceptible to fractures. Fractures, in turn, can lead to static, inconsistent volumes, buzzing, or, in the extreme, no sound at all. 

Wireless headsets fixed all that. 

Freedom from cords. 

Plantronics wireless headsets, like other brands, offer office headsets that are fully wireless. Eliminating the wire eliminates the associated problems while at the same time, provides a walk and talk communication experience. No cord means not being tied to your desk by that cord. 

Office wireless headsets allow you to be on a call, step away from your desk, and talk up to 300 feet. If you add the optional remote call answering feature, you can receive a call while away and then end the call when done. 

Jabra Plantronics Logitech Wireless HEADSETs in Nairobi Kenya BENEFIT #2 

Wireless freedom to move around your office to grab a cup of coffee, go to the printer, confer with a co-worker or just stretch your legs while on a call. No cord means untethered communications and when you combine this with remote call answering, you get benefits that you can enjoy every day. 

Be flexible and adapt to change. 

We have a saying in our office, “be flexible and adapt to change”. This speaks to the need to be flexible and open to change as change happens. 

The same could be said for many Jabra Logitech  Plantronics wireless headsets. There are models that don’t adapt to change, such as the Plantronics model CS540. Though a highly popular office wireless headset, it cannot connect to anything other than an office desk phone. This places it in the “not flexible” category. 

Many Jabra Logitech Plantronics Wireless Headsets in Kenya like others, are more flexible. With these models, you can connect to your desk phone, but if your needs change, and you now need to connect your office wireless headset to a computer, you can.

This is a huge advantage because it affords you mounds of flexibility while eliminating the need for you to part with more of your hard earned cash for a headset update. 

Models that have this connection versatility are referred to as multi-connectivity wireless headsets. Among the devices these can connect to include; Desk phones (analog,

digital, voip), computers (desktops and laptops) as well as Bluetooth phones and devices. Here’s how most office wireless headsets connect: 

– To desk phones only – single connectivity 

– To desk phones and computer (you can switch back and forth by pressing a button) – dual connectivity 

– To desk phones, computers and Bluetooth devices – triple connectivity 

If you’re considering a Jabra or Logitech or Plantronics wireless headset, you should not only consider your needs as they are today, but where the company is going and what your needs might be a few years down the road. By having some insights into this, you can make a smarter headset buying decision. 

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