Video & Audio Conferencing System in Nairobi Kenya

The way we conduct business and how we communicate with our employees and customers has changed due to technological advancements.

Employees now prefer to work remotely and do not want to be confined to their desks.

To accommodate this shift, employers are adapting to utilize mobile devices, audio conferencing, video conferencing and other systems for effective communication.

Yet, while utilizing them the question arises, what is audio and video conferencing?

And, why is it so important for businesses to grasp these changes?

Let’s find it out here.

What is an Audio Conferencing System?

Audio conferencing is where at least two individuals in various locations use technology like a conference bridge to hold an audio call.

Audio conferencing is not quite the same as a traditional phone in that all participants dial into a central system that connects them rather than directly dialing each other.

It aims at accomplishing communications and collaboration at the same time.

Many audio conferencing products may accompany online collaboration elements (similar to screen-sharing capabilities), to additionally enhance the value of audio meetings.

What is Video Conferencing system in Kenya?

When at least two individuals utilize digital platforms to communicate and collaborate with each other in order to accomplish a common goal adequately then it is known as a video conferencing.

A unified and simple video conferencing solution which not just makes communication easy…

Yet, it additionally lower the chances of having too many overlapping applications, simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance and saves everyone time and energy by lowering training needs.

If you are thinking for an Audio and Video Conferencing Solution in Kenya, you must ensure it can handle the demands of the current and remote workforce.

The system needs to offer quality communication to enhance your working relationships with both your employees and customers alike.

Having the right audio conferencing equipment is essential for productive meetings and presentations in any boardroom or conference venue in Kenya. Installing a high quality boardroom microphone system ensures all attendees can clearly hear conversations and presentations at both small and large conference tables. Top audio visual installation companies in Kenya offer a wide range of microphone systems for conference rooms from leading global brands like Bosch, Shure, Yamaha and Poly.

For small to medium sized boardrooms accommodating 6 to 12 attendees, wired boundary microphones placed around the table may provide sufficient coverage for clear audio. For larger boardrooms and venues, ceiling microphone arrays or beamforming microphone systems are ideal to pick up voices from any seat at the table without taking up valuable table space. brands utilized in conference venues across Kenya provide design flexibility, catering for suspended ceiling installations or conspicuous mountings. Power is transmitted over Ethernet, eliminating cable clutter for a minimal aesthetic.

Audio quality, background noise cancellation and voice tracking performance varies across conference microphone models and brands, so always demo equipment before purchasing. Reputable AV providers in Kenya allow businesses to test products in a simulated boardroom environment. When evaluating conference microphones, check intelligibility of speakers at both low and high volumes, the system’s ability to minimize disruptive ambient noise, and look for advanced features like automatic speaker tracking to focus audio pickup on the current active speaker during fast paced meetings.

Leading global pro audio brands commonly used for audio conferencing equipment in Kenya include Bose, JBL and Sony. Their commercial speaker systems are available through AV distributors in Kenya to deliver pristine sound for video and teleconferencing in both small and large venues. Choose an expandable solution that combines full frequency response and clear vocal reproduction to keep conferencing clear as your business grows from a home enterprise to a global company.

Are you looking at implementing an Audio/video conferencing system in Kenya? Contact us for customized solutions. We have Logitech, Jabra, Poly, Yealink, Aver conferencing solutions.

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