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Buytec online shop is a leading printer & scanner shop in Nairobi. Our printers and scanners online catalogue entails a wide range of printers for sale in Kenya. We also offer Printers & Scanners prices online that are unbeatable in the market. These printers are classified into different categories which are guided by the use, functionality and the brand. At Buytec online shop, we have various printer brands like Hp printers, Epson printers for sale, canon printers for sale, Kyocera printers at best prices, Toshiba copiers at affordable prices, and Ricoh printers for sale. The printers are further categorized into inkjet printers, LaserJet printers, desk jet printers, thermal printers, label printers, dot matrix printers and data card printers.

As a client looking for a printer, you need to establish the use for your printer. This is because the printers may be monochrome printers, these are printers that print only and do not do any other task. Mostly, these are LaserJet printers which means they are printers that use toners to printer. LaserJet printers are at times defined to have a high cost price but they are neat to print with.

The other class of printers for sale is the multifunctional printers which means that they can print, scan and copy. These can also either be a LaserJet or an inkjet printer to mean that it is a printer that uses ink. Most thermal printers and dot matrix printers are receipt printers these include printers like the posiflex printers, epos printers, Epson tmu printers, Epson lq-690 printers, compact printers, Honeywell printers for sale.

Examples of inkjet printers include the Epson L3150 printers, Epson 4160 printers, Canon g series printers like the canon g3411 pixma printers, canon g2411 pixma printers for sale in Kenya. All these printers are available with the best prices at Buytec online shop.

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At Buytec online shop we make you shopping experience easy and memorable by offering quality printers and their consumables. The most important thing to consider while choosing a printer to buy either for use at home, at work, or for commercial use is the cost and availability of the consumable. You should also check the number of pages that the ink cartridge, ribbon or the toner can print both for monochrome or for color. This would help you calculate your recurrent cost of printing. Buytec online shop also has these consumables available at the best prices in town.

Do not hesitate to shop your printer needs from the printer dealer shop at the best prices in the market. We continuously update our product catalogue to make sure that we keep our customers updated on the new printers in the market from the manufacturers.

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Buytec online shop is the leading online scanner shop in Kenya. We sell from low level scanners to high end scanner for sale. We have barcode scanners for use for POS systems in Kenya. We also have flatbed scanners like the hp 2500 f1 scanner in Kenya, fujistu scanners, Kodak scanners, Epson scanners like the Epson v14 scanner.

While shopping for scanners for sale on the internet, it is important to look out for specific features that suit your use. As Buytec online shop we give you a guide as to how you can settle for a perfect scanner solution without match hustle. One of the things that should guide you is the use of the scanner. This helps you know whether you will choose a barcode or a paper scanner. Another scanner feature you can look out for is the speed of the scanner. By speed you check the number of papers a scanner can scanner in a minute. It is also very important to confirm whether the scanner has an automatic document feeder which is very essential for heavy duty scanning.

Flatbed & Sheetfed Document Scanners in Kenya

With privacy and data protection becoming ever more important in the workplace, document scanners are an ideal choice to help store your documents securely. Sheetfed scanners are a perfect addition to any business wishing to scan multiple documents quickly and efficiently, whilst flatbed scanners can provide easy filing of single sheets.

Buytec online shop has sells Printers & Scanners prices online at best prices in Nairobi Kenya. Scanners for sale at Buytec online shop are all covered by manufacturers’ warranty that varies from brand to brand. For cheap entry level scanners in Nairobi do not hesitate to reach us, we offer a wide range of varieties that cuts across all users. Buytec is the home of quality scanners at best prices in Nairobi Kenya.

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