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Why Buy Desktop Computers Nairobi Kenya at Buytec online shop?.

The reason  you should buy Desktop Computers Nairobi Kenya at Buytec online shop is because we have a wide range of Desktops to choose from. We have both brand new desktops at best prices and cheap ex uk desktops at best prices in Nairobi.

We have all in one desktops that are presentable and with quality speed for office work. At Buytec online shopping we have different brands of desktops like Lenovo desktops, Hp desktops, Apple iMacs and Dell desktops for sale.

Our desktops are highly affordable and very efficient for use by consumers. Though most desktops do not come loaded with the operating systems, at Buytec online shop we go an extra mile to install windows and offices for our customers. Buytec online is flexible  to the clients who love to buy the desktop PC alone without a monitor without much bargain. We also sell the monitors at affordable prices for our customers’ efficient service. We have different options for the monitor in terms of sizes like the 18.5 inch, 24 inch, 20 inch monitor and 27 inch monitor.

Buy HP Desktops Online Kenya

Types of Desktops at Buytec online shop

All in One computer desktops for sale in Kenya

These are desktops that do not have a separate cpu and monitor. For these kind of desktops, the monitor carries the cpu as well. They come in different sizes that is the 21.5 inch, 23.8 and 27 inch all in one desktops.

All in one Desktops are ideal for graphic designers who need a big screen yet a computer with a huge storage capacity. Buytec online shop has Apple IMac Desktops, HP 200 computer desktops, Lenovo think Centre computer desktops. Some of the all in one computer desktops for sale are touch screen and easy to navigate. Buytec also has both wired keyboard and mouse for use with the all in one Desktops. We also have the wireless keyboard and mouse that are usable with the all in one computer desktops for sale.

Desktop PC for sale in Nairobi Kenya

Buytec online shop has various desktops pics like the Hp elite desk 800 series, the hp prodesk 400 series, the hp 290 desktops. We do not only have the hp Desktops for sale but we also have all brands. For the Dell laptops available for sale are the Dell OptiPlex 7000 series for sale in different processors. Lenovo desktops come in the V500 series desktops that are either tower desktops, micro tower computer desktops and also small form factor desktops for sale in Nairobi Kenya.

All Apple desktops available for sale are the 21.5 inch iMacs and the 27 inch iMac. What differentiates the two is the processor, the ram and the storage.  For the iMacs processors we have the core i5, core i7 and the core i9 processors.

We also have various sizes of the desktop PC sizes that is the Tower model which is the biggest desktop PC. Buytec online shop also has the micro-tower computer desktops for sale, the mini tower desktops and the small form factor desktops. The sizes vary from brand and model and our online customer service agents always takes our customers through the difference at point of purchase.

All the above information helps you as a Buytec online customer make a well informed decision while looking for a desktop computer on sale.

Buy Lenovo Desktops Online Kenya

Monitors for sale in Nairobi Kenya

Every desktop PC requires a display monitor screen. Monitors are available at Buytec online shopping at the most affordable prices. The monitors vary not only by size but also the resolution clarity which the user prefers. Some monitors have a 1080 resolution while others have a 4k display. The other feature that differentiates the monitors is the ports available for connectivity purposes.  Some monitors have hdmi ports while others do not have ports. There are also some that have vga ports while some do not have. While connectivity is an important part of the functionality of any PC Buytec online shopping makes it easy for the users by providing computer accessories that help with this. These accessories are referred to as connectors, we have the hdmi to hdmi connector, the vga to hdmi connector, the USB hub connectors and the USB to type c.

Shop for your desktop needs at Buytec online shop for the best and cheapest desktop computers with warranty. The desktop PC warranty ranges from 6bmonths for the ex uk and refurbished desktops to three years for new desktops depending on brand and model. 


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