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Why Buy Laptops at Buytec Online Shop?

Buytec online shop specializes in various original laptop brands. In the computing industry various clients opt for a specific laptop brand based on their preference which is guided by use, previous experience and at times brand bias. Among the brands available at Buytec we have Hp laptops, Lenovo laptops, Dell Laptops, Avita, Asus laptops, Acer Laptops and also MacBook. For various customers who wish to buy laptops online in the online industry have a hard time trying to select a laptop that is particularly suited for their use. Here at Buytec we have categorized our online laptop shop in a way that guided our customers on the best way to choose a laptop. In a situation where you as a customer are unable to choose a laptop online, our online laptop customer service team is always standby on chat or call to sort you out. All laptops have a warranty of at least six months up to three years based on brand.

Buytec online shop offer brand new laptops at affordable prices and cheap ex uk laptops at the best prices in Nairobi Kenya.

Buy Macbooks online in Nairob, Kenya at the leading online laptop shop Buytec.

We have the laptops with the latest processors like the Apple M1 chip for the MacBook and the 11th gen laptops for the Intel processors. We continuously upgrade our catalog to the latest laptop releases by manufacturers.

At Buytec we also have technicians who can upgrade your laptop ram and hard disk to customize a laptop to fit your needs and budget.

Size and Use

In terms of laptop sizes at Buytec laptop online shop, we have laptops with sizes ranging from 11 inch to 17 inch. Most small size inch laptops are meant for business use for people who do much travel and presentations. Some laptops are touch with back-lit keyboard for ease use by the consumers. All these features vary from customer preference to the customer use.

For presentation purposes we have x360 series laptops for sale that are light and sleek for the user with a solid state drive for fast data processing.

Buytec online shopping also has taken care of gamers since we have the Asus ROG laptops which have back-lit keyboard and with a large screen size. We also have the Dell gaming laptops that have the gtx and nvidia graphics. Laptops that come with graphics are ideal for all designs due to the heavy softwares that they use.

Buytec online shop also has the two in one laptops that are convertible to a tablet and one can also use a stylus pen on them. Such laptops are ideal for managers who would have much ease taking notes during meetings.

At Buytec online shopping we further categorize laptops into three categories for our customers to have and easy time choosing an ideal laptop. We have the entry level laptops that majorly include the hp Celeron notebook laptop, the Lenovo idea pad Celeron series, the dell Vostro Celeron laptop. We also have the mid-range laptops that involve the core i3 and core i5 laptops in different models like the Hp notebook 14, Hp 250 laptop, the Lenovo idea pad 100 series, the Lenovo v14. Mid-range and entry level laptops are available at a flexible budget of between 30000- 70000. The difference in price is caused by the brand, the model, the processor, the ram and the operating system of the laptop. We also have the high-end laptops which are mostly meant for commercial use. These laptops include and not limited to the Hp Elite book series, the Lenovo ThinkPad laptops, the Lenovo think book series, the Del gaming xps laptops and the Hp probook laptops. In terms of processors the high end laptops could be core i5 laptops, core i7 laptops or the core i9 laptops.

It is therefore always advisable for you as a user to always identify the use of the laptop before settling for one. In all cases Buytec online shop will give you laptops at best prices in Nairobi Kenya.

Let Buytec online shop help you choose the ideal laptop for you. Quality laptops for sale at the most affordable prices in Nairobi Kenya.

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