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Computer Accessories for sale in Kenya

In the recent past the use of computers has rampantly increased making the need for the computer accessories rise as well. At Buytec online shop we are determined to make your computer use comfortable and better buy offering a wide range of computer accessories you may need. Among the computer accessories available in at our online shop are the computer ram, computer keyboards, computer laptop screens, computer cables, computer mouse both wireless mouse and wired mouse. We also sell computer blowers like the black and decker 600w, we sell computer connectors like the vga to hdmi connector, the type c to hdmi connector, the usb to type c connector, the serial port to vga connector, computer laptop back packs, computer laptop shoulder bags, the laptop adapters like the vention usb hub with seven to ten different ports for easy use for you.

Why buy Computer Accessories at Buytec Online Shop

At Buytec online shop our computer accessories are of good quality and we give our customers a user guide to ensure they serve them longer. The range of computer accessories cuts across many different brands attracting different prices for each brand. At Buytec online shop we specialize we are Crucial dealers in Kenya, Logitech dealers, Kingstone dealers, anker dealers, Logitech accessories dealers, brother accessories dealers, Samsung accessories dealers, sandisk accessories dealers, Lexar accessories dealers, transcend hard disk dealers, laptop docking stations and we also have fellowes accessories.

When purchasing an accessory you need to consider the use of the computer accessory and the ports involved. However, if the you do not have atechincal person to advise you our technical team is always available on call to recommend the best and most suited computer accessories you may need.

Buy Computer Ram, HDMI Cable, VGA Cable Online Kenya

Shop your computer accessories at the best prices from the leading online shop at affordable prices.

Buy Keyboard and Mice at Best Prices in Kenya

Keyboards and mice are computer input devices that assist a user to input and navigate the computer laptop. At Buytec online shop, we sell affordable keyboards and mice for your use. We pride ourselves to give our clients quality and durable keyboards. They are majorly categorized into wireless keyboard and mice, Bluetooth keyboard and mice and wired keyboard and mice.

Wired Keyboards and Wired Mice for sale

Wired keyboard and mice means they use a usb cable to connect to the device. At Buytec online shop, we sell various brands for the wired keyboards and mice like Logitech mouse, Hp mouse, lenovo and Dell mouse. The best seller wired mice include the Logitech M90 mouse, Logitech, m100 mouse, Logitech M110s mouse, Logitech M105 mouse. For the Hp wired mouse we have the The Hp USB M10 mouse, Hp usb X900 mouse, Hp 3-button USB laser mouse. For dell we have the Dell USB oem and the Dell usb mouse with track ball. For Lenovo mice we have Lenovo USB mouse, Lenovo essential USB mouse, Lenovo usb fingerprint mouse and the Lenovo Thinkpad travel mouse.

Wireless Keyboards and Mice for sale

These are keyboards and mice that connect to the laptop computers or the other devices using a wireless dongle. At Buytec online shop we specialize in Logitech wireless keyboard and mice, Hp wireless mouse, Lenovo wireless keyboard and mice and dell wireless keyboard and mice. The particular models include the Logitech mk220 combo, Logitech mk330, Logitech mk235 combo, Logitech wireless mk270, Logitech wireless MK330, Logitech Mk540 and the Logitech MK710. To get more insight on our keyboard click Here.

Laptop accessories for sale at Buytec online shop

In our computer accessories catalogue, the laptop accessories play a huge role since the computer parts are part of the increasing laptop market. At Buytec online shop we have fellowes laptop foam clean for laptops, fellowes wipes, we also have the laptop home dry all to ensure a clean laptop for the user. We also offer the laptop parts like the laptop batteries for sale, laptop keyboard for sale, laptop screen for sale in Kenya, laptop mice for sale and the laptop fans for sale to ensure your laptop functions well.

Shop all computer accessories at Buyetc online shop the home of quality and affordable computer accessories.

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