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1. What Is The Difference Between Direct Cool And No Frost Fridge?

The Direct Cool technique circulates cool air by the natural mechanism of convection, with no assistance from outside sources. This eliminates your ability to adjust the temperature distribution, resulting in uneven cooling and the requirement for manual defrosting to remove the ice that has developed. Whereas, in the Frost Free Refrigerator type, the electric fans inside the fridge evenly distribute the temperature, eliminating the risk of ice or frost forming around the freezer thus eliminating the need to manually defrost it.

To simplify it, Frost-Free Refrigerators are great in terms of quality and dependability. They are spacious and include extra features; therefore, they are a little pricey. Direct Cool Refrigerators, on the other hand, are ideal for small families because of their compact form. They are less expensive to maintain than frost-free freezers since they use less electricity.

2. What Is The Purpose Of The Chiller Compartment In The Fridge?

The chiller is the coldest compartment in your fridge as the chiller tray has a temperature in the range of -2 to 3 degrees Celcius which keeps the perishable food items in an edible state. It also helps to prevent cross-contamination of bacteria and odours.

3. What Is A Showcase Chiller/Fridge?

A Showcase Chiller is a fridge that keeps items chilled while marketing them to customers to increase sales. Drinks, fruits, milk, pastry, cake, and other foods can all be stored in a typical chiller. It is that technological equipment that assists businesses in maintaining a set temperature for food and beverages to prevent edibles from becoming soiled owing to high temperatures outside.

4. Which Is A Better Double Door Or A Single Door?

Benefits of a Single Door Refrigerator:

Single Door Refrigerators are more energy-efficient than Double Door Refrigerators as they use 30-40% less energy comparatively.

Single-Door Refrigerators employ natural convection and direct cooling technologies.

When compared to Double-Door Refrigerators, Single-Door Refrigerators take up less space.

Benefits of a Double Door Refrigerator:

You don’t have to manually clean the ice in a Double Door Refrigerator because they offer an auto-clean feature.

When compared to Single Door Refrigerators, the enhanced chilling impact of a Double Door Refrigerator keeps food fresher for longer. This guarantees that the food is safe to eat for an extended period.

Double Door Refrigerators provide more shelf space, which makes it easier to store larger bottles of water or beverages.

Now that you know the benefits of both, you can decide what’s the best for you.

5. How Much Does A Fridge Cost In Kenya?

When it comes to price, there are budget/low-cost models and high-end variants costing lakhs and it all depends on the variant like Double Door, Single Door, Mini-Refrigerator, Side By Side Refrigerator And Chest Freezer, Smart Features, Capacity, etc.

6. What Are The Best Fridge Brands In Kenya?

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