How to buy cheap ex-uk laptops from online computer shop in Kenya.

At Buytec online computer shop, we are determined to give you a laptop that meets not only your budget but you needs too. We know the hustle of day to day life with a slow and heavy laptop is nothing to add to your worries. That is why we have a couple of laptops for you to choose from on your laptop purchase. As you settle for a laptop, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do you need the laptop you want to buy

The question why helps you narrow down to the specifications or rather the features you want to buy. A pro tip for this is the higher the processor which is denoted by the core i3 or core i5 or core i7 or even Celeron. While this is a key determinant of the speed it is also important to check the ram of the laptop. The ram is either in 4gb, 8gb, 16gb or 32 gb. For most laptops, the ram can be upgraded to suit your requirement hence this is is not a big issue. The third thing that should guide you is the storage. The storage is considered by how much data you will be using on the machine. A pro tip on this is that any laptop with the solid state drive that is denoted by the SSD is faster than any laptop that has the normal hard disk that is denoted by HDD.

  • How much are you willing to spend

Here is where Buytec online computer shop comes in handy to give the best prices for all the laptops. we love give solutions to or customers and build a long lasting relationship with all our customers. Therefore, we negotiate on the most reasonable price as per your budget and advise you on the value of what you pick. At Buytec online computer shop, we also offer you quality after sale services like software installation free or charged based on which software you need. You get value for your money any time and any day.

  • Which brand are you will to use

There are many misconceptions and facts about the laptop brands in the market. The reason you should come to Buytec online computer shop, is because we iron out the facts from the misconceptions for you. As ICT resellers and dealers we want to to make a good laptop decision based on the facts per brand ,model not based on here say and lies. This is where our customer service team will give you a listening ear and advise you with datasheets for the laptop and manufacturers’ guide.

The next time you need a laptop computer online in Nairobi Kenya or any part of Kenya, do not hesitate to call Buytec online computer. Click here for more information.

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