• VT1000 USB Headset Mono

    VT1000 USB Headset Single Ear
    USB HEADSET: VT1000 Headsets Include a standard USB-A type connection and will connect to you PC,Laptop or Softphone.
    EASY TO USE: This Headset allows you to easily manage calls from your connected device and the inline call controls let you mute and control the volume during calls with a touch of a button.
    LIGHTWEIGHT: Extremely Light Headband offers Strength & Durability but also stylish and modern in design – Maximized for all day wearing Comfort.

    Experience Clear Communication with the VT1000 USB Mono Headset. Elevate your communication with the VT1000 USB Mono Headset. Offering crystal-clear sound quality and reliable performance, this headset is perfect for professional calls, virtual meetings, and customer service. With its plug-and-play functionality and comfortable design, the VT1000 ensures hassle-free use and all-day comfort. Upgrade your audio experience with the VT1000 USB Mono Headset today.

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