• Samsung 65″ 8K Neo QLED SMART TV QA65QN700CU


    Elevate Your Viewing Experience Samsung 65″ 8K Neo QLED SMART TV QA65QN700CU

    The Samsung 65″ 8K Neo QLED SMART TV QA65QN700CU likely represents a cutting-edge television designed to deliver an immersive and advanced viewing experience. Here’s a generalized description:


    Spectacular Visuals:

    Boasting a generous 65-inch screen, the TV offers a spacious canvas for an immersive visual experience.
    With 8K resolution, it delivers exceptional clarity and detail, providing a fourfold increase in pixel count compared to 4K for stunningly sharp images.


    Quantum Dot Technology:

    Incorporating Quantum Dot technology, the TV enhances color accuracy and produces a broad spectrum of colors, ensuring vibrant and true-to-life visuals.


    Neo QLED Display:

    Featuring a Neo QLED display, the TV combines Quantum Dots with precise backlight control. This technology results in deep blacks, bright whites, and enhanced contrast for an impressive picture quality.


    Smart TV Capabilities:

    As a SMART TV, it integrates seamlessly with online streaming services and applications, allowing users to access a variety of content directly from the TV.
    The user interface is designed to be intuitive, providing a convenient and connected viewing experience.


    Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enhancements:

    AI-powered features contribute to intelligent upscaling, optimizing content for the 8K resolution, and improving overall picture quality based on the type of content being displayed.


    Advanced Audio with Object Tracking Sound+:

    The TV likely features advanced audio technologies, such as Object Tracking Sound+, creating a three-dimensional sound experience that adapts to on-screen movements.


    Voice Control:

    With voice control capabilities, users can navigate settings, search for content, and control compatible smart home devices using convenient voice commands.


    Connectivity Options:

    The TV is expected to offer multiple HDMI and USB ports, providing versatile connectivity for gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, sound systems, and other external devices.


    KSh405,000 VAT Exc.

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