7 Best HP Shops in Nairobi, Kenya

7 Best HP Shops in Nairobi, Kenya

Are you on the hunt for the perfect HP laptop or accessory in Nairobi, Kenya?

We’ve scoured the bustling streets of Nairobi to bring you the lowdown on the seven best HP shops that cater to all your computing needs.

From laptops to printers, and everything in between, these authorized dealers have got you covered.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of HP shopping in Nairobi!

1. Buytec.co.ke – The Best HP Shop in Nairobi

Kicking off our list is Buytec.co.ke, the ultimate haven for HP enthusiasts.

This online powerhouse offers an array of HP products on their website, making them a prominent player in Nairobi’s tech scene.

From printers, laptops, to desktop and accessories, their reputation for competitive pricing and quality service speaks volumes. Dive into the digital aisles of Buytec.co.ke and discover your next HP treasure!

Here’s a list of HP laptops we’ve got:

2. HP Shop Kenya – The Official HP Partners

When it comes to authenticity and trustworthiness, HP Shop Kenya takes center stage.

As the official HP Partners website in Kenya, they flaunt an impressive collection of HP laptops, desktops, printers, and accessories. From sleek laptops for professionals to high-performance desktops for gamers, this is the place where your HP dreams become reality.

3. Shopit

Shopit isn’t just a shop; it’s a decade-long legacy of excellence. With over ten years in the market, this authorized HP dealer has earned its stripes as one of Nairobi’s most trusted sources for HP products. Their close collaboration with HP distributors ensures that you snag the best prices without compromising on quality. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to top-notch HP goodies!

4. Almiria Techstore

For those who value both speed and variety, Almiria Techstore has your back. With a proven track record in speedy delivery, this trusted HP laptops shop in Nairobi delivers countrywide. Their commitment to best prices and excellent service makes them a noteworthy contender in Nairobi’s bustling tech landscape.

5. Avenue Electronics

Avenue Electronics prides itself on being a one-stop HP destination in Nairobi. From the heart of the city to the farthest corners of Kenya, their extensive product collection finds its way to you. Need a printer in Pemba or a laptop in Lamu? Avenue Electronics has got your back, ensuring that HP products are never out of reach.

6. Glantix

In the world of HP shopping, Glantix stands tall as a beacon of quality and affordability. Their partnership with major HP distributors in Kenya guarantees genuine products that don’t break the bank. From computers to servers, and toners to ink cartridges, Glantix covers the entire HP spectrum. Get ready to embrace the true meaning of value!

7. Mitsumi Computer Garage – Your Gateway to HP Excellence

Last but certainly not least, we have Mitsumi Computer Garage – the gateway to HP excellence. As a leader in the realm of authorized HP dealerships in Kenya, Mitsumi offers an extensive range of HP products. Laptops, desktops, printers – you name it, they’ve got it. Say hello to a world of top-tier HP devices that redefine your computing experience.

How to Connect with HP Customer Care in Kenya

Now that you’ve unearthed the treasure trove of HP shops in Nairobi, let’s talk about connecting with HP Customer Care in Kenya. We understand that every tech journey has its twists and turns, so it’s crucial to know your support options.

1. Ring, Ring – HP Customer Care Hotline

Hear that? It’s the sound of solutions ringing your way. Dial +254 20 271 6111 to speak with a knowledgeable sales specialist or seek assistance from the customer support team. Your HP queries are about to meet their match!

2. Online Support

Sometimes, typing can be mightier than talking. Head over to the HP website and engage in a live chat, drop them an email, or simply give them a ring. Your trusty keyboard becomes your companion on the road to HP problem-solving.

3. Authorized Service Centers

When your HP device needs a touch of magic, an authorized service center is your best friend. Locate one near you using the HP Service Center Locator for Africa. Whether it’s a glitch or a grand overhaul, these heroes have your back.

4. In-Person Visits

For those who prefer a more personal touch, why not pay a visit to an HP office location? The HP website provides you with the physical and postal addresses of HP offices in Africa, including Kenya. It’s time to embark on a face-to-face journey to resolve your tech tribulations.

Seeking Service? HP Service Centers Await

In the dynamic world of technology, hiccups are bound to happen. Fear not – Nairobi boasts an array of HP service centers that can get your beloved device back on track.

1. Ensure Services- Authorised HP Service Center

Located at Redington, next to Westland Primary School, Nairobi for HP service needs. Reach out to them at   0730 148 000 and bid adieu to those pesky tech troubles.

2. Nairobi UltraBooks Centre – For Laptop Lovers

Laptop acting up? Nairobi UltraBooks Centre specializes in breathing life back into your HP laptop. Slow screens, mysterious blackouts – these laptop lovers have seen it all.

3. Computech Limited – More Than Just a Service

Computech Limited isn’t just a service center; it’s a hub of specialized warranty support services and endpoint security solutions. When your HP device needs a little extra care, they’re the ones to trust.

4. HP Shop Kenya – Beyond Sales

Beyond being an HP hub, HP Shop Kenya also shines as a reliable source for service. Laptops, desktops, printers – their expertise spans the HP spectrum. Whether you bought from them or not, they’re here to help.

5. Buytec.co.ke – Service in Every Corner

While not exclusively a service center, Buytec.co.ke is your go-to for HP-related queries. Contact them at 0728997036 for more information on how they can assist you.

In the vibrant tapestry of Nairobi’s tech landscape, these service centers are the threads that mend and strengthen your HP experience.


And there you have it – your quest for the best HP shops in Nairobi, Kenya, has reached its joyful conclusion. From the bustling online aisles of Buytec.co.ke to the trusted halls of HP Shop Kenya, your HP desires are now within reach. Connect with HP Customer Care using their hotline, online support, or authorized service centers, and bid farewell to tech-induced headaches. And when the need arises, let the adept hands of Nairobi’s service centers work their magic on your HP devices.

Happy HP shopping, Nairobi! Your tech future awaits, and it’s brighter than ever. 🖥️💼

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