Buytec Stores in Nairobi has a wide variety of ex uk refurbished laptops for sale, including several models from well-known brands like Lenovo, HP, and Elitebook. Some of the models available include the Lenovo ThinkPad X260, HP EliteBook 840 G3, HP EliteBook 1030, Lenovo ThinkPad T460, T470, EliteBook 820 G3, HP ProBook 430 G5. These laptops have been inspected, tested, and restored to full working condition before being put up for sale. Prices for these laptops start at KSH 19000, making them a cost-effective option for those in the market for a high-quality device. These laptops may have some cosmetic blemishes or minor scratches, but they will function as well as a brand new device, providing a great value for money.

LENOVO EX UK Refurbished LAPTOPS for sale in Nairobi Kenya


☀️Lenovo t450 i5 8gb 500gb@22k
☀️Lenovo t440s/t440 i5 8gb 500gb@22k
☀️Lenovo w541 i7 16gb 500gb@27k
☀️Lenovo w530 i7 8gb 320gb@25k
☀️Lenovo w540 i5 8gb 180gb ssd@22k
☀️Lenovo t540p i5 8gb 500gb@22k
☀️Lenovo w540 i7 8gb 1tb@27k
☀️Lenovo t560 i7 6th 8gb 256gb ssd or 500gb@37k…
☀️Lenovo t570 i7 6th 8gb 256gb ssd@39k
☀️Lenovo t460s i7 12gb 256gb ssd @37k
☀️Lenovo thinkpad l480 i5 8th 16gb 256gb ssd @43k
☀️yoga 260 i7 6th 8gb 256gb ssd @38k



HP EX UK Refurbished LAPTOPS for sale in Nairobi Kenya

?Hp probook 430 g5 i5 7th 8gb 128gb ssd@27k
✨Hp probook 430 g5 i5 7th 8gb 128gb ssd+500gb@29k
?Hp probook 440 g4 i5 7th 8gb 256gb ssd@33k
?Hp probook 440 g5 i5 8th 8gb 256gb ssd@38k
?Hp probook 440 g7 i3 10th 16gb 256gb ssd @44k
?Hp probook 450 g2 i5 5th 8gb 750gb@25k
?Hp probook 450 g2 i7 5th 8gb 750gb@27k
?Hp probook 450 g4 i5 7th 8gb 128gb ssd@33k
?Hp probook 640 g3 i5 7th 16gb 128gb@38k
?Hp probook 640 g4 i5 7th 8gb 256gb ssd@38k
?Hp probook 650 g2 i5 6th 8gb 256gb ssd@31k
?Hp probook 650 g4 i5 8th 8gb 256gb ssd @38k
?Hp elitebook 840 g1 i5 4th 8gb 180gb ssd@20k
?Hp elitebook 840 g4 i5 7th 16gb 256gb ssd touch@38k
?Hp elitebook 830 g5 i5 8th 16gb 128gb ssd@41k
?Hp elitebook 850 g1 i5 8gb 240gb@20k
?Hp elitebook 850 g1 i7 8gb 180gb ssd@27k
?Hp elitebook 850 g3 i5 6th 8gb 500gb@28k
?Hp elitebook 850 g3 i7 6th 8gb 256gb ssd@33k
?Hp elitebook 755 g3 amd a10 8gb 180gb ssd@27k
?Hp Elite 1040 g3 i5 6th 8gb 128gb ssd@35k
?Hp notebook i5 4th 6gb 500gb@24k
?Hp pavillion x360 i3 7th 6gb 500gb touch@33k

Boxed hp elitebook 1030 g3 Core i7 8th gen 8gb 512gb ssd @64,000




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