Bixolon Printers: Models and Pricing in Kenya

Bixolon Printers: Models and Pricing in Kenya

Bixolon is a global manufacturer of advanced POS and label printers headquartered in Korea. For over 25 years, Bixolon has been a pioneering force in the printing industry with its innovative line of high-speed, reliable and cost-effective thermal and impact printers.

In Kenya, Bixolon printers have become a popular choice among many businesses due to their versatility, performance and competitive pricing. This blog post takes an in-depth look at Bixolon printers available in the Kenyan market.

We will explore the various series and models offered by Bixolon for retail, hospitality, logistics and other industries. Whether you need a desktop receipt printer, rugged mobile printer or an industrial label printer, Bixolon likely has a solution.

Overview of the Bixolon Printer Series in Kenya

Bixolon offers printers across various series tailored to different business applications:

Mobile Series

Bixolon Printer Series in Kenya

Bixolon’s mobile printers are ultra-compact, portable and designed to withstand tough handling. They allow on-the-go printing from smartphones, tablets or laptops via Bluetooth, WiFi or USB connectivity.

Popular mobile printer models available in Kenya:

  • SPP-R200III – 2 inch compact label and receipt printer
  • SPP-R310 – 3 inch rugged label and receipt printer
  • SPP-R400 – 4 inch rugged label and receipt printer

Desktop Series

Bixolon Desktop Series

These printers offer fast, high-quality printing in a compact form factor designed for desk/counter deployment. They are ideal for retail POS, hospitality, healthcare, banking and other applications.

Top desktop printer models sold in Kenya:

  • SRP-F310 – 3 inch narrow receipt printer
  • SRP-F312 – 3 inch wide receipt printer
  • SRP-770IIImpact dot matrix receipt printer
  • SRP-275III – 2 inch compact receipt printer

Industrial Series

Bixolon Industrial Series

Bixolon’s heavy-duty industrial-grade printers offer high speed, large capacity printing and advanced connectivity. They are built for reliability even in the harshest environments.

Common industrial printers available in the Kenyan market:

POS Series

Bixolon POS Series

The POS printer series offer fast, quiet printing and connectivity options tailored for point-of-sale environments like retail stores, restaurants and hospitality establishments.

Notable POS printer models sold in Kenya:

  • BPP-R200II – 2 inch POS receipt printer
  • BPP-203II – Impact POS receipt printer
  • BPP-R310 – 3 inch POS receipt printer

Key Benefits of Using Bixolon Printers in Kenya

Reliable & Durable Construction

Bixolon printers feature sturdy, spill-proof construction and can withstand intense vibration, drops, dust and temperatures. Many models meet strict IP52 and IP54 ratings for water/dust protection making them suitable for tough workplaces.

Mobile printers like SPP-R200III have been tested to withstand 100 drops from 1.5m height and have advanced casing and mechanisms like metal covers to handle abuse.

Easy Maintenance & Low Operating Costs

Changing paper rolls and performing basic maintenance is straightforward in Bixolon printers without needing tools. Many consumables like receipt paper are competitively priced.

The onboard automatic paper cutters minimize tearing and jamming issues. Print heads have extended life rated for 100km+ receipts on several models. This reduces downtime and operating costs.

Extensive Interface Options

Bixolon printers offer plug-and-play connectivity with PCs, tablets and mobile devices via USB, Bluetooth 4.2, WiFi and LAN. Many models have inbuilt apps and software to directly print from Android, iOS and Windows without needing drivers.

The SRP-F312 receipt printer features multiport interfaces like powered USB, RS-232, Ethernet, wireless LAN and drawer kick-out all in one unit.

High Print Speed & Low Noise

POS receipt printers like BPP-R310 deliver ultra-fast printing up to 300mm/second to quickly handle customer queues. The high-spec 32-bit CPU ensures prompt processing and throughput.

Thermal printing operation makes Bixolon printers quieter than legacy dot matrix models. Noise levels are less than 55dB enabling deployment near customers.

Applications of Bixolon Printers in Kenya

Bixolon’s extensive printer portfolio allows deploying matched solutions across various sectors:

Retail & POS

The retail industry relies heavily on labeling and POS receipt printing. Bixolon offers some of the fastest receipt printers like BPP-R310 and portable SPP-R200III to fulfill most shop floor needs.

Additional capabilities like barcode printing, authentication and connectivity to EPOS software, PCI compliance makes their printers suitable for stores and supermarkets.

Hospitality & Tourism

Mobile printers like SPP-R400 allow printing receipts, queued orders, bills etc. on the move to enhance guest experience. Their rugged design withstands deployment in outdoor environments for activities like safaris.

Label printers help efficiently tag foods, manage inventory in resorts and cruise kitchens. Options like peel & present for easy label application saves time.

Logistics & Transportation

Bixolon’s mobile printers help printing tickets, billing, barcode shipping labels on the move for drivers and logistics staff. Rugged construction withstands vehicle vibration while Bluetooth and other wireless interfaces ensure flexibility.

High-speed industrial printers like XR5-40 RFID model streamline warehouse labeling and inventory management with automation.

Healthcare & Hospitals

Compact label printers help efficiently track samples, prescriptions, patient IDs and more in labs and pharmacies while maximizing space. Disinfectant resistant models withstanding chemicals are available.

receipts help billing patients accurately during insurance claims with copies for records. IP-rated models are ideal to deploy in sterile environments.

How Much Do Bixolon Printers Cost in Kenya?

Printer Type Model Price Range (Ksh)
Mobile Printer SPP-R200III 18,000 – 25,000
SPP-R310 25,000 – 32,000  
Desktop Printer SRP-275III 20,000 – 26,000
SRP-770II 34,000 – 42,000  
POS Printer BPP-R200II 26,000 – 32,000
BPP-R310 30,000 – 38,000  
Industrial Printer XE3-40 45,000 – 55,000
XM7-40 65,000 – 75,000  

Bixolon printer prices in Kenya generally range from Ksh 15,000 for basic mobile printers to over Ksh 75,000 for advanced industrial label printers.

Actual retail pricing depends on various factors:

  • Printer type – Mobile, desktop, industrial, POS etc.
  • Print width – 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch etc.
  • Features – Print speed, connectivity options, IP rating etc. determines price
  • Reseller margins – Vary between 10-20% based on service offered
  • Taxes & import duties – Account for 10-15% typically

Many vendors also bundle attractive deals with printers like:

  • Free roll of thermal paper
  • Introductory discount on first order
  • Extended 2-3 year warranty
  • Free installation & training
  • POS integration service

So when sourcing Bixolon printers in Kenya, it is recommended to obtain quotes from multiple authorized resellers to avail best pricing. Consider after-sales service quality also during vendor selection.

6. Where To Buy Genuine Bixolon Printers in Kenya?

Bixolon printers are available widely in Kenya through an extensive authorized reseller network.

Some leading vendors to consider:

You can buy genuine Bixolon printers in Kenya from various stores. Here are some options:

  1. Delight Center: Located on the 1st floor, Delight Center, Muindi Mbingu Street, opposite Jevanjee Gardens, Central Nairobi. They offer printer service, repair, and sale, including Bixolon printers.
  2. Goldfil Printers Limited: Another potential location in Nairobi, Kenya.
  3. Tekcom: They offer the Bixolon XD5-40D Direct Thermal Printer at the best price in Nairobi, with delivery across Kenya and East Africa.
  4. Buytec Kenya: They are a leading dealer of Bixolon products in Nairobi, offering a range of Bixolon printers.
  5. Samtech Global Printers, Inkpaste Printers & Stationers Ltd, Cool Print, Apex Com Solutions, and Brintom’s Printers And Suppliers are also potential places to explore.

You can also check online stores such as Buytec Kenya and Kenya Computer Shop for a wide range of Bixolon printers.

Shopit and other local stores may offer genuine Bixolon printers with speedy delivery and excellent service.

Conclusion & Recommendations (700 words)

Bixolon offers one of the most comprehensive thermal printer ranges in Kenya cutting across mobile, desktop, industrial and POS segments.

Their solutions tick all major prerequisites demanded by SMEs and enterprises today:

  • Durability – Rugged IP52, IP54 rated construction
  • Connectivity – Extensive wired and wireless interface options
  • Efficiency – High-speed printing up to 300mm/sec
  • Convenience – Compact form factors with intuitive design
  • Affordability – Reasonable acquisition cost and low TCO

For retailers, Bixolon’s POS and desktop printers like BPP-R310 allow fast checkout while mobile printers enable printing labels anywhere required.

Logistics firms benefit from portable printers like SPP-R400 for on-the-move printing of dispatch notes, invoices and shipping labels readable up to 15 meters away.

Hospitality businesses can deploy Bixolon mobile printers to serve guests anywhere while label printers streamline back-office inventory and supplies management.

With support for Apple iOS, Android and Windows platforms, integrating Bixolon printers is straightforward via SDKs and development tools. This allows creating custom applications tailored to your requirements.

Before purchase, we recommend outlining your specific business needs and planned usage scenarios. This helps appropriately size the printer – 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch models etc. Also analyze connectivity requirements – Bluetooth, LAN, USB etc. based on deployment plan.

While Bixolon printer costs may be 20-30% higher than generic alternatives, the total cost of ownership is lower over 3-5 years given their reliability. So make an informed purchase based on intended printer application within your organization.

Key Takeaways

  • Bixolon offers extensive line of POS, mobile, desktop and industrial printers tailored for businesses
  • Rugged, spill-proof construction with IP52, IP54 rating makes their printers reliable
  • High print speed – up to 300mm/sec, low noise suited for customer-facing usage
  • Supports latest connectivity types – USB, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Reasonable pricing from Ksh 15k to 75k+ based on model specifications
  • Available through authorized resellers across Kenya offering technical support

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