Zebra Printers in Kenya: Models + Prices

Zebra Printers in Kenya: Models + Prices

Zebra Technologies is a leading global provider of specialty printing solutions including barcode printers, RFID printers, card printers and more. The company is renowned for its durable and high-performance commercial grade printers.

Zebra barcode printers in particular enable businesses to create and print high-quality tags, receipts, labels and documents on-site. Key applications include retail, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and more.

A wide range of Zebra barcode printer models are available in the Kenyan market through authorized distributors and resellers. This includes everything from compact desktop label printers to industrial barcode printers.

Zebra printers are designed to meet the unique needs of different usage scenarios. Features include high print speeds, support for different barcode symbologies, connectivity options, media handling and more.

This article provides an overview of Zebra Technologies’ barcode printer offerings in Kenya. We examine the different models, key features, pricing, applications, and where businesses can purchase Zebra printers locally.

Overview of Zebra Printer Models in Kenya

Zebra Technologies offers a comprehensive range of barcode printer models targeting various industry usage scenarios and printing requirements. Here is an overview of key Zebra barcode printers available in the Kenyan market:

Desktop Printers

Overview of Zebra Printer Models in Kenya

Zebra’s desktop barcode printers are compact, entry-level models suitable for light duty retail and office use. Examples include:

  • ZD410 – Affordable direct thermal printer for basic label printing needs. Prints at up to 152mm per second.
  • ZD420 – Versatile 4-inch thermal transfer and direct thermal printer. Optional 300 dpi print resolution.
  • ZD500R – Mid-range desktop printer with intuitive touch-screen display. Prints up to 356mm per second.

Industrial Printers


Heavy duty barcode printers designed for manufacturing, warehouse and transport applications:

  • ZT410 – Rugged metal construction with 600 dpi resolution and 300mm per second print speed.
  • Xi4 – Feature packed industrial printer with up to 12 ips print speed and large ribbons/media capacity.
  • ZR628 – High performance 8-inch industrial printer with optional RFID encoding.

Mobile Printers


Compact, portable printers that can be carried around:

  • ZQ511 – Lightweight 1.2 kg mobile printer with Bluetooth/WiFi/USB connectivity.
  • ZQ520 – Durable mobile printer with 4-inch wide media and battery for full shift use.
  • ZQ630 – Top-end portable printer with healthcare-grade disinfectant-ready plastics, NFC etc.

Card Printers


For printing plastic cards like member/employee ID and payment cards:

  • ZD510Dual-sided card printer with magnetic stripe and barcode encoding options.
  • ZD620 – Advanced card printer with tactile imprinting for raised text and portrait/landscape prints.

This range covers everything from basic label printing to high-speed industrial and specialty card printers.

Key Features and Capabilities of Zebra Printers in Kenya

Zebra barcode printers pack many features and capabilities that make them well-suited for enterprise usage across various industries:

Print Performance

  • High print speeds – Up to 18 inches per second for zebra’s fastest industrial printers. Results in quick label runs and improved workflow efficiency.
  • Print resolution – Options like 600 or 300 dpi resolution for sharper barcodes and text. Important for detailed labeling.
  • Large media capacity – Roll capacities up to 8 inches reduce reload downtime. Some printers accept ribbon rolls up to 450m long for extended operation.


  • InterfacesZebra printers support USB, Serial, Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.1, dual-band WiFi 802.11ac and more. Provides flexible wired or wireless connectivity.
  • RFID – Optional UHF RFID encoders available to print and encode smart RFID labels in a single step.
  • Link-OS – Zebra’s printer software and app ecosystem enables remote management and control.

Build Quality

  • Rugged construction – Metal frames, hardened cases and IP ratings up to IP43 for dust and splash resistance boosts durability.
  • Disinfectant-ready plastics – Special plastics allow repeated wiping with harsh disinfecting agents commonly used in healthcare environments.

Media Handling

  • Paper width support – Different printers support widths from 1 inch for mobile printers upto 4 or 8 inches for industrial models.
  • Media sensors – Features like reflective or transmissive sensors accurately calibrate printer settings to the label stock, improving print quality.
  • Cutter/peeler – Integrated label peelers, liner take-up and guillotine cutters automate post-print media handling.

Other capabilities

  • Barcode symbologies – Support 1D, 2D and GS1 compliant barcodes.
  • Network tools – Integrated Ethernet allows printer sharing over networks. Manage via Web interface.
  • Development kits – ZPL/ZPL II programming languages allow creating tailored printing applications.

This combination of performance, durability, connectivity and ease of integration make Zebra barcode printers highly versatile for business usage.

Applications and Use Cases for Zebra Printers in Kenya

Zebra barcode printers are used across many industries in Kenya for a diverse range of printing and labeling applications:

Retail and Hospitality

For retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants etc. Zebra printers enable:

  • Shelf labeling – Clear shelf edge labels, product stickers, and promotional tags.
  • POS printing – Receipts, invoices, order summaries printing at checkout counters.
  • Loyalty cards – Printing customized membership/loyalty cards onsite.
  • Tableside ordering – Portable printers allow staff to take and print orders at tables.

Logistics and Transportation

In warehouses, logistics and transportation, key applications include:

  • Shipping labelsFast printing of shipping labels and waybills as orders are processed and packaged.
  • Asset tracking – Printing barcode tags to identify and track items, boxes, pallets, containers etc.
  • Picking and packing – Printing labels to guide warehouse picking and support staging/packing workflows.


For hospitals, clinics, labs and pharmacies:

  • Wristbands – Admission wristbands for patient identification and specimen labels.
  • Prescription labels – Clear labeling of prescription medications at the pharmacy.
  • Inventory Management – Tracking medical supplies, asset tags, document labeling etc.

Manufacturing and Engineering

Zebra barcode printers assist with:

  • Parts labeling – Identification and tracking of parts and WIP on the manufacturing floor.
  • Product labeling – Creating serial numbers, expiration data, assembly instructions etc. for finished goods.
  • Document control – Printing document IDs, version numbers, schematics, tooling diagrams etc.

Zebra’s specialized printing capabilities improve workflows, productiveness and visibility across many usage scenarios.

Pricing Ranges for Zebra Printers in Kenya

Zebra barcode printers are commercial-grade devices designed for enterprise use. Here is an overview of price ranges in Kenya for common Zebra printer models:

Desktop Printers

Basic desktop label and barcode printers like the ZD420 and ZD500R range from:

  • ZD420 – KES 18,000 to KES 36,000
  • ZD500R – KES 28,000 to KES 48,000

Mid-range models with more features and faster print speeds attract slightly higher pricing.

Industrial Printers

Industrial-grade Zebra printers suitable for high duty cycles like the Xi4 and ZT410 are priced:

  • ZT410 – KES 50,000 to KES 140,000
  • Xi4 – KES 80,000 to KES 280,000

Advanced capabilities for media handling, connectivity and ruggedness make these suitable for manufacturing usage hence the large price range.

Mobile Printers

Zebra’s portable mobile printers like the ZQ511 and ZQ620 cost approximately:

  • ZQ511 – KES 48,000 to KES 80,000
  • ZQ620 – KES 75,000 to KES 110,000

Battery options and charging accessories add more to the cost. But mobility improves productivity.

Card Printers

Specialty card printers like the ZD510 for printing plastic cards are priced:

  • ZD510 – KES 180,000 to KES 350,000

Advanced features like tactile imprinting and security encoding drive up costs on card printers.

Pricing can vary based on specific configurations. Additional warranties and service plans are also recommended budget items to ensure maximum uptime.

Where to Buy Zebra Printers in Kenya

Zebra barcode printers and accessories can be purchased through authorized Zebra partners in Kenya:

Retail Stores

  • Buytec Stores – Offers a variety of Zebra printers in Nairobi, Kenya, with high-quality products from well-known brands from their genuine dealers/shops.
  • Dukatech – Provides Zebra printers dealers in Kenya, with genuine Zebra Printers products and delivery within 24 hours.
  • Glantix – Features Zebra printer dealers in Nairobi, Kenya, with the best Zebra prices in Kenya and same-day delivery options.

Online Stores

  • Buytec – Features a wide range of Zebra printers in Kenya at affordable prices, including the latest models with advanced features.
  • Shopit – Offers a variety of Zebra printers in Nairobi, Kenya, with speedy delivery and excellent service from genuine Zebra Printers dealers.
  • Glantix – Provides Zebra printer dealers in Nairobi, Kenya, with competitive prices and fast delivery options.
  • Rapidtech Digital Solutions – Allows you to buy Zebra label printers online in Kenya, with fast delivery across the country and in-store pickup in Nairobi.
  • TDK Solutions Ltd – Offers Zebra printers in Kenya at competitive prices, with same-day delivery in Nairobi and shipping options available.

Buying from authorized Zebra partners ensures you get genuine products. They also offer value-added services like maintenance plans, media sourcing, printer customization and integration support.

Key Takeaways on Zebra Barcode Printers in Kenya

  • Zebra Technologies offers a wide range of barcode printers for enterprise usage including desktop, industrial, mobile and card printers.
  • Printer features include high print speeds, extensive connectivity options, rugged and disinfectant-ready construction.
  • Key applications are in retail, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and other industries that require on-site printing.
  • Zebra printer pricing ranges from KES 18k for basic desktop models up to over KES 300k for advanced card or industrial printers.
  • Leading Zebra partners provide printer sales, media, accessories, integration support and maintenance services.
  • Specialized capabilities like RFID encoding, graphics printing, and tactile imprinting suited for specific applications.
  • Consider total cost of ownership including media, accessories, warranty extensions etc. in purchase decisions.
  • Choosing the right Zebra model can improve operational productivity, workflow visibility and customer service.

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