Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+ S22 Ultra Price and Specs Review in Nairobi Kenya

Samsung launched another trio of flagship phones for the first half of 2022, with the Galaxy S22 Ultra being undoubtedly the real heavy-hitter. But there’s something for everybody in this new group of phones, and the vanilla Galaxy S22 definitely has its charm, packing power and camera performance in a rather compact body.

Being almost as small as the Galaxy S10e of yesteryear, the new S22 goes straight for the heart of one-hand phone lovers. The screen size of the S22 has gone down to just 6.1″ and that might still look large on paper, but consider the extra-tall 19.3:9 aspect ratio, which ensures the phone is narrow and easy to hold.

Overlook the S22 at your peril. It’s true that the entry-level phone in Samsung’s new flagship lineup lacks the premium features of the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the larger screen of the Galaxy S22 Plus, but there’s a danger in focusing too much on what the S22 doesn’t have.

samsung galaxy s22 series in Nairobi Kenya
Samsung Galaxy s22 series

A better way to think about the Galaxy S22 in Nairobi Kenya is to consider the value it delivers. Opt for this model, and you’ll get the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset that powers Samsung’s flashier S22 options. You can also expect a bright display and the same impressive camera setup as the S22 Plus.

So should you buy the Galaxy S22 in Nairobi Kenya ? It’s a solid entry — it’s compact, it’s powerful, it has a great camera. And it has the promise of long support and updates, and it doesn’t hurt that the phone itself looks very good.

See the below Price and Specs for the Galaxy S22, S22 plus and S22 Ultra available in Nairobi Kenya.


Samsung Galaxy  S22ultra 12/512(green,black, burgundy)  @157 000

 Samsung Galaxy  S22 ultra 12/256(black, green, burgundy) @146000

Samsung Galaxy  S22+ 8/256(white, black,green) @116000

Samsung Galaxy  S22 8/256(white) @98500

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