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Interactive Displays for Education, Offices, Government, Hospitals, NGOs.

When you want to upgrade your classroom or Office with the industry’s latest technology, why not consider replacing aging whiteboards or projectors with an interactive display? Interactive displays for education have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. There are many brands out there who boast numerous models, but having a wide variety to choose from can be a gift and a curse. How do you know which interactive display for education is the best for your needs? Well, there are certain features of a digital whiteboard to consider when evaluating your options and what will best fit the diverse needs of your classroom.

Some of the features to look for in an interactive display for education include:

Multiple Touchpoints: This means that more than one person can write and move things on the screen at once. The more touch points, the more students can work together (or separately) on one board.

System Compatibility: Whether you work in Windows® or Mac®, you need an interactive display that can easily connect to your computer. If the system can also connect to a phone or tablet, that’s even better!

Screen Size Options: Most brands will have two or three screen sizes in their series, and this is helpful for classrooms with size constraints.

Digital Whiteboard Software: Most, if not all, brands have their own digital whiteboarding software that enhances the board’s functionality and features.

So, which brand offers the best interactive displays for education? Let’s take a look.

ViewSonic ViewBoards interactive Boards in Kenya

The ViewSonic ViewBoard family of interactive displays with a wide variety of features for classrooms of all sizes and in-person and virtual learning. The series in this family best suited for education include the IFP50 series and the IFP52 series.

The IFP50 Series has an ultra-fine, 4K resolution touch screen featuring 20-point touch that allows multiple users to simultaneously write or draw on the display’s surface using styluses or their fingers, or both at the same time. Screen sizes are available in 55”, 65”, 75”, and 86”, and even 98”. These displays work with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chrome.

Moreover, the ViewBoard IFP50 series diplays deliver optional slot-in PC capability for more computing-intensive interactive applications. A VESA-compatible design allows for installation on a wall mount, or on an optional ADA-compliant trolley cart for more flexible installation in classrooms.

Designed to support lessons that flow, ViewSonic’s IFP52 Series of interactive digital whiteboard displays combines a 4K Ultra HD display with user-centric design features, best-in-class collaboration tools, room-filling sound, and a centralized remote management system to deliver an industry-leading interactive whiteboard experience for teachers, students, and IT teams. It’s equipped with all the same features of the IFP50 series, but features some fantastic new improvements.

Available in three screen sizes (65”, 75” and 86”), the IFP52 series features a dual-pen, 33-point ultra-fine touch and palm awareness technology for a natural writing experience and in-class collaboration, USB-C for plug-and-play connectivity via a single cable, a noise-cancelling microphone array that boasts detailed sound capture for distance learners, and new touch control.

All ViewSonic interactive displays come with the myViewBoard collaboration software – a powerful tool that enables teachers to build dynamic lesson plans, import engaging content, and share lessons with students – all with one easy click.

Whether yours is a Windows, Android, or Chrome environment, myViewBoard works well with existing technology and seamlessly integrates into nearly any classroom. You can also import existing lessons from other manufacturers, such as SMART and Promethean, so there is no need to recreate lessons.

This software is available at the Entity level (including all premium features plus a lot more) at no cost to schools and education organizations.

viewsonic interactive boards

Within the myViewBoard platform are a variety of software tools such as:

  • myViewBoard Classroom: myViewBoard Classroom is a hybrid teaching software tool packed with various features to help create a classroom environment in the digital space. Whether you are in the classroom, teaching from home, or a combination of both, this dynamic online platform offers educators easy access to their teaching tools, assignments, courses, and documents – all in one place.
  • myViewBoard Manager: myViewBoard Manager is a cloud-based management solution that empowers IT administrators to remotely monitor devices, manage apps, push out broadcasts and more within the myViewBoard ecosystem. IT administrators can seamlessly monitor and maintain individual classroom display screens across large organizations from a single control panel.
  • myViewBoard Livestream: Created for classrooms that are practicing distance learning, live streaming with myViewBoard empowers teachers to create an accessible learning experience that engages more students with interactive features and real-time interaction.
  • myViewBoard Clips: myViewBoard clips is a video-assisted learning platform that delivers access to over 2 million licensed educational videos, giving educators the freedom to create interactive and engaging lessons with rich content directly on the myViewBoard canvas. All the content is educationally curated, ad-free, and suitable for global curricula.

Maxhub Interactive Boards in Kenya

The Classic Series inherits our concept of minimalist design while delivering intuitive interactions as well as outstanding sound and video performance. For both local meetings and teleconferences, participants may visualise their ideas instantly. Communication on a Classic Series defies distance with the updated audio & visual systems, giving the distant meeting attendees the feeling as if they were joining the session in person.

LG Interactive Boards in Kenya

LG’s Interactive is a perfect solution for effective meetings, with advanced touch technology and high-performance system-on-chip. LG will revolutionize the way you conduct business.

Specktron is a leading brand pioneering in Audio Visual (AV) and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) products. Specktron has championed the use of Interactive Touch Technology which can be utilized for Education, Corporate, Government and Hospitality sectors.

Speckron Interactive Boards

Buy LG, Maxhub Specktron, and ViewSonic Interactive Boards in Nairobi at Buytec; we also do installations.

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