How to make your Laptop work faster

In our fast ever-changing world a faster machine is ideal for all your work. Working with a faster machine not only saves time but also ensures efficiency.

Addition of RAM

Ram is an acronym for Random Access Memory. It provides short-term memory for a CPU, in layman’s language it serves as temporary storage for active files.

A machine naturally comes with its own RAM which ranges from 4 GB, 8GB, and 16 GB for high-end machines. Having more ram means you are able to work more faster and efficiently.

The good thing most machines come with an allowance for an extra Ram slot. But however, some machines come with an onboard ram which unfortunately cannot be upgraded. Check out here if your ram is the upgradable link.

Replace HDD with SSD

SSD AND HDD are types of machine storage. SSD is an acronym for Solid state drive. It’s a new generation of storage devices that is much faster compared to HDD.HDD is Acronym for Hard disk drives its a traditional storage that uses electro-magnetic storage. Most Laptops come with SSDs nowadays as it’s a faster and more modern technology. However, some entry-level Laptops and most Desktops still come with HDD. The laptops that come with HDD also come with an SSD which is a plus as you can upgrade to SSD anytime.

The advantage of replacing HDD and SSD is they are much faster compared to HDDS, They are also power and energy efficient, Durable and they come in reasonable sizes which are more practical. Read more on why you should consider HDD over SSD here

Update Drivers

Drivers are basically software components that enable your computer’s hardware to communicate effectively with the operating system of the machine.

Updating your drivers improves the Performance, Stability, and compatibility of your device. To update your drivers you only need to access your machine’s settings and click the updates option. The updates range from the operating system one uses.

Using Latest Operating System.

The operating system is software that manages both the software and hardware resources of a computer. An example of software is Windows, Linux, and Ubuntu. Although, Most users use Microsoft Windows, The latest one is Windows 11. The significance of using the latest Windows is they come with better performance and upgraded features which help you maneuver your PC with ease and efficiency.

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