Why choose SSD over HDD?


When choosing a laptop, should it be HDD or SSD?

The SSD drive laptops have lately dominated the market leaving most laptop users wondering on which hard disk they should settle on. The SSD hard disk comes in varies capacities of 256SSD, 512 SSD, and 1TB SSD. While some laptops may even have the capacity to hold 2TB SSD, most manufacturers, will often load at most with 1TB SSD and hen leave room for users to upgrade.

Do you know what SSD stands for?

It only means Solid state drive while HDD means Hard Disk Drive. The HDD is mostly either 500GB HDD, 1TB HDD or 2TB HDD. So here are some of the reasons why you as a user may choose to use HDD;

  • The SSD has more speed compared to the HDD, this is because it is able to process information faster compared to the normal HDD. The faster speeds generally impact the performance of a laptop by making it to process information faster or even logging in faster.
  • SSD is more data efficient compared to the HDD, this means that the level of reliability for SSD is more compared to the HDD.
  • SSD are also safer to work with because they are more secure and data recovery for them could be done faster and more successfully compared to the HDD.
  • SSD is also shock resistant making it safer to work with while HDD is fragile and a simple drop could damage it.

Though the SSD has been known to be more expensive, in the recent months the prices for SSD have continuously gone down as it it becomes more popular among users.

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