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Garmin is the best GPS navigation brand you could own for one of those days you need an
intense workout guide, a golf trainer and much more. It is a USA brand that specializes in sports
activities, marine, outdoor, automotive and aviation as well. It is an ornamental yet an activity
tracker and smartwatch. These abilities have made it a great selling brand across the world.
Away from being wearable, they also have the handheld GPS trackers that are mostly used by
surveyors in the field and military during war. Garmin handheld trackers were actually used by
the military during the Kuwait and Saudi Arabia war in 1991.
They can also be used in Dog training and later in Dog tracking as well.
In this document we shall take you through different types of garmin and their uses and what
makes them useful in each purpose.
These are the Garmin standard features include;
● Safety Tracking.
● Wrist-based heart rate.
● GPS distance, pace and elevation tracking.
● 5 ATM waterproofing.
● Garmin Coach.
● Smart Notifications.
● 1.04” display diameter.
● 20 hours GPS mode; 2 weeks SmartWatch mode.
Why you should consider buying Garmin;
● Durability.
● Cost
● Wearability
● Battery long life
● Accuracy in what it measures
● Perfect weight
● Features
So Garmin has various uses and each use requires different features as below;
● Running
Gamin running watches have amazing qualities to ensure efficiency, like long battery
life, In-built GPS, works with the time that you have, has the garmin guide app and
communities, you can be able to track the time and the pace of running, it has the wrist
based heart rate, with the garmin watches you also get the free adaptive training plans
and the also smart notifications.
The Most recommended Garmin running watches are;
● Forerunner 255 series
● Forerunner 955 series
● Fenix 7 series
● Epix
● Forerunner 745
● Instinct 2 series
● Forerunner 55
● Fenix 6 series
● Enduro
● Venu series
● Vivoactive 4/4s
● Tactix 7 series
● Forerunner 945/945 lite
● Forerunner 245/245 music
So if you are a beginner runner, you can buy;
● Vivoactive 4
● Vivoactive 4s
● Venu Sq Music edition
● Venu Sq
● Venu 2
● Venu 2s
● Venu 2s plus
● Forerunner 55
Advance runners can use;
● Forerunner 255
● Forerunner 255 music
● Forerunner 255s
● Forerunner 255s Music
● Instinct 2 standard edition
● Instinct 2s standard edition
● Instinct 3 camo edition
● Instinct 2 surf edition
● Instinct 2s surf edition
● Instinct 2 solar
● Instinct 2s solar
● Instinct 2 solar tactical edition
● Instinct 2 solar surf edition
● Instinct 2s solar surf edition
● Instinct 2 bezel edition
● Forerunner 245
● Forerunner 245 music
As an Elite Runner you can use;
● Forerunner 955
● Forerunner 955 solar
● Fenix 7s standard
● Fenix 7s Solar edition
● Epix Gen 2
● Tactix 7
● Enduro
● Tactix 7 pro
● Forerunner 945 lite
Apart from the running feature that the Garmin wearables have, we have the Garmin
handheld feature.
The Garmin handheld features are used for outdoor and recreational purposes. They
are popular for hikers as they track their paths and also surveyors. In fact the Garmin
outdoor products won in accurate path tracking.
Among the Garmin handhelds available, we have the;
Garmin Etrex series.
● Garmin In-reach
Garmin 64s
● Garmin Rino 700 series
Another amazing feature is the off road feature of the Garmin devices that can be used
to find terrains.
In this category we have the ;
● Tread series
● Garmin power switch
● Overlander
● Zumo series
● In reach mini 2
● Montana 700 series
● Group ride radio
● Back up cameras
It also offers a wide range of dog trainers to help in training dogs for hunting.
Therefore Garmin gives you a very wide range of products for quality life. Among the
devices used for dog training are;
● T5 mini dog device
● Alpha 10
● Alpha 200 series
● Alpha 100
● TT I5 mini dog device
● Pro 550 plus
● Astro 900 system
● Garmin drive track 7I
● Sport Pro
Garmin also has the adventure series of the rugged watches, that include;
● Fenix 7 series
● Epix
● Instinct 2 series
● Enduro
Garmin products can also be used in the automotives as car navigators;
● Garmin drive mini
● Garmin dash cam
● Back up cameras
● Garmin catalyst driving performer optimizer
Motorists can also use the Garmin zumo series.
Gramin products are also used in the marine industry for a variety of uses. From the
wide range of products it fits well for many uses and is such a need device across board
How to choose the ideal Garmin watch that suites your purpose
You have to be clear about the Garmin watch. The reason really matters since the
features for each need are different.
You also need to identify the budget in mind since each category has different price
ranges involved the only difference is on the number of features.
There is also the issue of preference. Do I need a rugged watch or a normal watch?
These are some of the questions that you need to answer before you could decide on
Where to buy Garmin
All garmin products are available in the Nairobi Kenya Buytec stores and can also be
shipped to your location. Check out our website under the Garmin category. Also note
that we can import any Garmin for you on a back to back order basis, within two weeks.
Buytec online shop is the home of all Garmin products. In case the Gramin product you
need has not been captured in this document, feel free to reach out to us for insights on
the use and availability.
Call our informed customer service team for more informatio

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